4 Main Products You Will Get From Wear Parts China

4 Main Products You Will Get From Wear Parts China

8 June 2020 Off By rimrock

Over the years, Wear Parts China has been gaining popularity as an aftermarket manufacturer of various wood processing wear parts. From tub and horizontal grinder parts to wood chipper wear part, the manufacturer has been producing quality s for all the major brands in the market. But which are the main parts that Wear Parts China is offering the market?

Well, the company has been diversifying on their wear parts manufacturing to all parts for wood processing machines. Here are four main parts that you can get from this company.


Among the major tools that the company been producing are the hammers. The company makes some of the best quality hammers for big brands of wood processing machines such as Doppstadt, Willibald, and others. One thing that makes Wear Parts China hammers popular is the quality that they offer. The manufacturer uses some of the best materials to ensure the quality of their hammers is unrivaled.  They use 42CRMO Or 40 CR materials for the construction of these parts.

Teeth Blades

For the smaller size wood chippers, they use blades for the processing of wood waste. But like most of the cutter tools, most of these blades get faulty or worn down after sometimes, and that’s why they should be replaced when they can’t be repaired. That’s where Wear Parts China comes in with their aftermarket blades. Constructed from highest grade material such as alloy steel, the manufacturer ensure that they are providing you with the best. they last longer and offers incredible productivity


Knives are another set of wood processing wear parts that Wear Parts China is offering to the market. Like all the cutter tools that the company is producing, they offer some of the best knives for wood chippers and shredders. Constructed from the highest grade materials, these aftermarket knives offer incredible quality. They offer incredible cutting performance and longevity. Therefore, high productivity is a guarantee with these wood processing knives.


Tips are very crucial in the construction industry. You will notice that every cutter tool is made from two main parts – body and tips. Tips are the main cutting parts of hammers, knives, and blades. That’s what makes these parts essential in all wood processing machines. Wear Parts China has ensured that they are supplying quality tips by using tungsten carbide material for the construction of these parts.