5 Newbie Tips For Gravure Cylinder Engraving

5 Newbie Tips For Gravure Cylinder Engraving

8 May 2021 Off By rimrock

The gravure cylinder engraving is a technique that has been growing popular over the last few decades. It has grown very popular in gravure printing because of the ease of making printing images by automating almost everything. One of the things that you will like about this technique is the ease of use.

If you are newbies going into the gravure cylinder engraving business, there are several things that you need to learn. Read on this guide. We have put together 5 things that you need to get right.

Engraving Machine

It is important that you get the issue of engraving machines. The most widely used machines are laser and electronic engraving machines. The two machines are almost the same; only that one uses the laser beam for engraving while the other uses the diamond stylus for engraving. But both have their pros and cons, hence the need to select carefully. For the laser engraving machines, visit the Laser Engraving Manufacturers page.

Select the Cylinder

The other thing you need to get right the gravure cylinder to engrave. There are several things you need to get right about the gravure cylinder. One of them is the materials used for the making of these cylinders. The best cylinder for machine engraving should be steel materials. The diameter and the length of the gravure cylinder are two major things to consider. The choice is the cylinder is basically determined by the image to be engraved.

Engraving Image

As mentioned above, the choice of the cylinder is most of the time determined by the image. The image is the end product, and thus, you will have everything built around it. You need to understand all the requirements of the image. What the key feature, and what do you need to produce the desired results? Make sure that you have the capability to deliver quality work.

Image Converter

The engraving machine should come with a digital image converter. What is the technology used for the image conversion to digital? This is a very crucial factor to consider because it will determine the quality of the engraving and the ease of gravure cylinder engraving.

Engraving Beam

You may have everything correct, but if the engraving beam is not strong enough or good for the job, you will definitely have a problem getting the right quality. So, you need to ensure that the laser engraving machine will have the capability to produce the required beam for proper gravure cylinder engraving.