Benefits Of Investing In 4140 Hot Forging Dies

Benefits Of Investing In 4140 Hot Forging Dies

17 January 2021 Off By rimrock

Benefits Of Investing In 4140 Hot Forging Dies

The 4140 grade is one of the steel alloys popular in the forging industry because of the good properties it offers. This steel alloy contains chromium, molybdenum and nickel, and other small amounts of manganese, carbon, silicon, and sulfur. The metal is used for forming forging dies. But what are the benefits of buying 4140 hot forging dies? Well, they are many.

In this post, we have put together some of the major benefits you get from 4140 hot forging dies. These are also the reason why these dies are growing very popular in the forging industry.

Notch Toughness

One of the advantages of 4140 hot forging dies is notch toughness. As low-alloy steel, it has incredible properties like high strength and hardness. These properties give 4140 hot forging dies the notch toughness, hence making them popular in the forging industry. They can withstand even the most demanding condition, including high tonnage compression. That’s why they are even used in the cold forging of various metals.

Corrosion Resistance

Another factor that you need to look for in forging dies is corrosion resistance. There are chemicals that are used during the forging process, and some of them are corrosive. If the material used for making the dies is not resistant to corrosion, you will have a problem with wear and tear. But with high corrosion resistance, 4140 hot forging dies are highly popular with forgers.

High Wear Resistance

For the dies to last for a longer time, they need to have good wear resistance properties. Just like other machine parts, you don’t want to have dies that will last for a very short period. You need forging tools that will last longer to give you value for money. That’s what you get from 4140 hot forging dies. Because of the high hardness and strength, they can withstand abrasive conditions.

High Fatigue Strength

Fatigue strength is a very important property in forging dies. You need forging dies that can withstand the stress they are exposed to during compressions. The 4140 hot forging dies provide one of the highest compression fatigue strength.

High Durability

Last but not least is durability. With all these features, there is no doubt that 4140 hot forging dies lasts for a longer time. With high wear resistance and corrosion resistance, you can expect these forging dies to last for a very long time. That is if used properly.