Reasons Forged Gears Are Outgrowing Cast Gears Popularity

Reasons Forged Gears Are Outgrowing Cast Gears Popularity

7 June 2023 Off By rimrock

For the past few decades, casting technology has been very popular in the metal manufacturing industry. A lot of metallic products, including gears, were being cast. However, the technology would become almost unsustainable, and the cost of the product kept surging. Forging would slowly become the next best option.

For products like gears, forging has become one of the most widely used methods. In fact, gear forging is one of the most talked about things in the industry today. Forging is fast, overtaking casting in the making of the gears. But why?

Cheaper Start

If you want to start a forging plant, it is very easy compared to casting. You just need a few machinery and equipment to get the industry running. You just need the two most important things, which are the punching equipment and dies. That’s all that you need if you are setting up a cold forging plant.

The heating and finishing equipment might be necessary if you are hot forging or warm forging. Therefore, many manufacturers are finding the forging plants cheaper to start hence giving it an upper hand over casting.


Another reason why forged gears are gaining a lot of attention is because of its budget-friendliness when it comes to customers. Compared to cast gears, these forgings are available at a cheaper price, which makes them popular with consumers.

The forging technology is growing bigger and better every now and then, and this means reducing the cost of production. Therefore, we might see forged gears become even cheaper in the next few years. This means growing more popular.

Better Quality

Another reason why gear forging is gaining a lot of popularity in the market over the casting method is the good quality it offers. Forged gears are ranking better in terms of quality than casted ones. The forging process does not tamper with the quality of the billet but even makes them better.

The wear resistance and the overall resistance to abrasion of the forged gears are better than the forged ones. That’s why more consumers are picking forged gears over cast.

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