Right Time To Make Wood Chipper Blade Replacement

Right Time To Make Wood Chipper Blade Replacement

13 October 2021 Off By rimrock

What would be the most appropriate time to replace a wood chipper blade? This is something some people, usually new chipping investors, get wrong. They either make replacements too early or too late, which in both cases can have a negative impact on their operations.

If you have been there and still don’t know when to make a replacement, you need to read the tips below. We have put together instances that indicate it’s time to replace the wood chipper blade. Read the below tips:

When Tips Break

The most important part of the wood chipper blade is the tip. It is the cutting edge of the tip, and without it, you basically don’t have a blade. If your blade breaks the tip, then there is nothing you can do but make a replacement.

When Tips Are Exhausted

The wood chipper blade tip exhaustion simply means that it has been used and has worn out to a point you cannot sharpen it any longer. In such cases, you can do nothing apart from replacing it, or your chipper performance and productivity will take a nosedive.

If Damaged Beyond Repair

In your line of chipping wood, the blades might get damaged so badly. Maybe you have crushed a stone or a piece of metal. In case of bad damages, then there is very little that you can do apart from making a replacement.

If Conditions Are Rough

The condition you are chipping in might also require that you replace the blades. If the conditions get too rough that you can barely chip with the current teeth, then you have nothing else to do apart from replacing them.

Increased Fuel Consumption

How is your wood chipper’s fuel consumption going? Well, this is a factor that is greatly determined by the quality of the wood chipper blades. If the blades are worn out and cannot cut clean as new, then fuel consumption will increase due to an inefficient chipper. If the consumption is increasing, change the blades.

Poor Quality Chips

If the quality of wood chips is deteriorating, the problem is the blades. To maintain the quality, you need to make a quick replacement of the wood chipper blade. This is very important if you are in the wood chipping business. Your success greatly depends on the quality and of the chips, especially where chips are fuel use. Make sure you have replaced the blades with the same quality.