Why You Should Consider Gravure Cylinder Engraving

Why You Should Consider Gravure Cylinder Engraving

25 January 2021 Off By rimrock

Why You Should Consider Gravure Cylinder Engraving

Gravure printing still remains one of the most widely used printing technology. The quality of the printing has made this method almost irreplaceable. Over the years, it has been improving with the advancing technology. Modern gravure printing is using some of the most sophisticated technologies.

The making of the printing image is one of the most advanced parts of this printing method. One of the technologies being used for the making printing of images is engraving. It’s a technology that uses a laser beam or electronic controlled stylus to a stylus that cuts into the gravure cylinder.

Why should you consider gravure cylinder engraving? Well, there are many benefits that come with the use of this technology. Here are some of the benefits:

It Is faster

One of the biggest benefits of gravure cylinder engraving is speed. The design and making of the printing image have been made pretty fast with this technology. Unlike the part where the design and making of the image were made on the gravure cylinder manually, it can now be done automatically. The engraving software, with CAD being the most widely used software, the image is designed on a computer and then drawn on the gravure cylinder using a laser or electronic engraving technology. The whole process takes just a fraction of the manual process.

High Accuracy

Another advantage of gravure cylinder engraving is high accuracy when it comes to printing images. The manual cutting of images was prone to so many human errors that resulted in inaccuracies. But that’s not the same with the engraving technology. You have everything done on the computer, and all errors checked and fixed. So, the chances 0f making errors is almost zero. So, high accuracy is a guarantee.

Reduced Waste

Imagine designing and making gravure printing to the end only to realize an error. That’s means you have a waste of the entire material used for the making of images. But that’s will never be the case with gravure cylinder engraving. With the possibility of the error being almost zero, the amount of waste is significantly reduced. You will spend very little on image materials in the long run.

Better Quality Printing

We cannot finish these benefits without mentioning the quality that comes with gravure cylinder engraving. From the high-quality printing images produced by the engraving technology, you get very high-quality printing. The recessed cells on the gravure cylinder ensure a controlled amount of ink hence producing high-quality printing.